Last week I received a phone call from a fellow who was the boy friend of one of my daughters when they were in the eighth grade.

He told me that he and my daughter called each other “86” and “99”, as the couple did in the TV show “Get Smart” years ago.

They would write notes to each other, signing those numbers, so if the teacher latched onto the notes she wouldn't know who wrote them.

I guess it worked. I never heard that my daughter had to stay after school for writing notes to anyone.

That memory was probably brought about by the death last week of the fellow who played on the TV show, Don Adams.


Hollywood is evidently getting America ready for a woman president. I wonder whom they have in mind. The new TV show, “Commander In Chief, will start sometime soon. It is about a woman vice president who takes over after the president dies. I wonder if Hillary will watch it and get some pointers.


An American fashion expert announced a few months ago a change in women's clothes. His latest new rule was lower skirts and higher necklines.

The only trouble was that the Hollywood stylists must have misunderstood the expert's new words. They reversed things and made the necklines lower and the skirts higher.

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