Since the rattlesnakes staked their claim on the Munson, I have been walking on the northwest side of town, along the road that leads to Colorado. The other evening, I laced up my tennis shoes and began walking north. From the moment my feet hit the pavement until I returned to my pickup and drove away, I was smack dab in the middle of a little sliver of heaven!

The sun, which has moved a little south of due west, was on its way to the horizon, but still shining bright. The air was warm, sweet-smelling, and carried with it only a whisper of movement. And the sky was that brilliant blue that only comes around with the changing of the summer season into Fall.

I watched a horse running across a pasture, his sense of contentment reaching out towards me. I went by Fred's house, and Fred came out to greet me with a “Woof” hello. He seemed quite happy with his world, too. I walked by a pen of young cattle, and offered them a “moo” greeting, not expecting any response since they were busy eating supper. Then I had to smile, when several of them looked up from the bale of hay they were munching on, and “mooed” back at me. The cows appeared to be quite content in their world, as well.

I then turned west and walked between a field of maize and a field of feed stalks. To the best of my knowledge, I had never before seen a crop of maize growing on that piece of ground. Even though I had heard that just because it was green and healthy-looking didn't mean it would produce a harvest, I decided to bless that field, so that it too could be content with its striving to grow.

I walked on, mingling my tracks with those of the pheasant and at least one turkey. I wondered if they were content in their worlds this particular evening. And then I reached the railroad tracks, and turned around to retrace my steps. What I saw made me catch my breath and made me realize that I, too, was content and happy with my world.

The moon was already high in the sky, its white and crescent shape suspended against the backdrop of evening blue. The trees in town, mostly green, but with an occasional orange one among them, stood out against the horizon. And I could hear the distant sounds of children laughing as they played outside somewhere east of me, and a dog barking somewhere to the south of me. The rays of the sun, still warm upon my back, were being caught in the tops of the trees, and my little town was aglow in a halo of golden light.

I couldn't move, and I didn't want to move from that spot. I wanted, instead, to somehow capture and hold onto the scene laid out before me. I wanted to burn it into my memory and tuck it in my heart, so that I would always remember the sense of total contentment that had just washed over my soul. I slowly breathed in the aromas of green crops, dirt roads, railroad ties and life. And after a few minutes, I began walking back to the pickup. But not before I gave thanks to God for all the beauty I sometimes miss seeing. And only after I gave thanks for every person who lives alongside me in this little town, this little piece of heaven, we call “home”.

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